Pell Business Intelligence

Consulting combining industrial strategy with channeled information & applications, providing a practical, integrated approach to provide services & solutions.

Business Intelligence Services & Consulting

Strategy and best practices with integrated technical applications to solve operational challenges.

Industry Insight

Determine strategic market options and feasibility. Support product development with technology trends. Supplement outreach processes with lead generation.


Improve relations with the right programs and initiatives. Bring credibility with awards and recognition for operational excellences. Guide organizational awareness.

User Experience

Learn customer segments with engagement analysis solutions. Tailor outreach channels and digital platforms to appropriately target audiences.


Augment business intelligence with information systems solutions. Bring technical and business applications together.

Organizational Development

Drafting practice, operation and optimization plans for internal assets. Educating on baseline organizational improvments.

Data Analysis

Take facts and figures to discover trends for precise decision making. Create baselines from existing data to determine strenghts and weaknesses. Pinpoint existing errors and clean up flawed data.

At PellBi, we believe integrated business intelligence can serve as the foundation to increase company profitability; both short term and for years to come. We specialize in converting information into best practice.